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Launch your shop in minutes
Start selling today! Nexudus Shop comes with the tools you need to sell online, promote your products and manage your catalogue.
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    By your side step by step

    From the minute you open your account, we will be there answering your questions, offering the best support and recommending the best practices to get your shop listed in the first search results and to promote your products.

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    Manage your Catalogue

    Create products quickly and easily. Use hi-resolution images, audio, video and digital downloads. Organize products into cateegories at the click of a button.

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    Shipping and Paymet Methods

    Set shipping costs by country, weight and/or destination. Accept secure payments using credit and debit cards or by bank transfer.

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    Multiple Shops

    Manage multiple shops and catalogues from a single account. You can use the same login details to manage all shops or create users with different level of access.

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    Multi Currency and Language

    Automatically convert prices into different currencies. Nexudus Shop comes already professionality translated into english, spanish, italian, french, german and russian. You can set names, descriptions, attributes and much more into each of the available languages.

Design your Shop
Choose one of the available designs and start selling today or customize your shop. You have complete access to the HTML, CSS and Javascript making your shop.
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    Templates and Custom Design

    Choose one of the templates, make your own or contact us for a custom design. Adapting and existing design to work with Nexudus Shop is also piece of cake!

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    Complete Access to Template Code

    Do you have access to your own design team? We give you complete access to all the files in your shop so you can customize every bit of it. Edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript straight from your browser and upload multiple images, videos and audio files at a time.

    Template Editor
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    Dropbox Integration

    Sycronize all your design files using a Dropbox account and upload and download files straight to your Nexudus Shop account in just a few clicks.

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    Help Hubs

    The help hubs have tons of information about how to use your Nexudus Shop account and how to build templates and customize the look and feel of your shop.

    Help Hubs
SEO: by the book
Our tools, designs and customer experience make your products rank high on the search results and raise your conversion rates.
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    Search Engine Optimized

    Every Nexudus Shop is carefully designed and optimized to rank high in the search results. On top of that, we will keep you up to date with all the best practices to keep it that way.

    Tools include custom URLs, 301 redirects, meta tags in multiple languages, google product feeds, sitemaps and loads of user experience details that will make your customer go from basket to checkout in no time.

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    Content Management

    Generating your own content is key to drive traffic to your site.

    Your Nexudus Shop account comes with a blog, able to publish content in multiple langugaes and categories.

    Your visitors can also sign up to different newsletters. You can then generate content for them and mass send them. All within the same dashboard.

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    Social Networks

    Share products, categories and content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to get more free traffic to your shop. Customers can also leave product reviews and ratings.

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    Planifica tus campañas

    Keep your customers up to date with offers, latest products and news by using the newsletter module. Customers can manage their subscriptions directly from your shop.

Manage your Catalogue

Nexudus Shop offers an incredibly flexible, yet easy to use, catalogue management system. Create products with attributes such as size or colour, and offer discounts rules for products or categories.
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    Fine tune your catalogue

    SKU level stock control works out of the box, no work arounds like in other platforms. You can also define price, discounts and availability for each individual product attribute (size, colour, ...)

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    Multitienda en un único Panel

    ¿Tienes varias tiendas?Ahora podrás gestionarlas todas desde un único panel de control. Optimiza y aumenta tus ventas analizando el funcionamiento de las tiendas con los informes y estadísticas que te ofrece Néxudus Shop. Podrás compartir catálogo, usar el mismo blog para todas tus tiendas y mucho más.

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    Fideliza a tus clientes

    Usa las herramientas de Néxudus Shop para premiar a tus clientes más fieles con descuentos personalizados. Lanza campañas promocionales o especifica condiciones especiales de envío para zonas, cantidades o clientes. En definitiva, aprovecha las prestaciones de Néxudus Shop para tratar a tus clientes de forma especial.

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    Formas de Pago y Seguridad

    Nuestra plataforma está sometida regularmente a estrictos controles para tu seguridad. Néxudus Shop ofrece un abanico fléxible de formas de pago que puedes usar en tu Tienda Online: Paypal, Visa, Contrareembolso, etc.

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